How to place bets in online blackjack games

The rules of blackjack are really quite simple. Collect a hand of cards whose total value is greater than the value of the dealers, without going over 21. It is therefore quite appealing to people who are casino novices, and who might not be ready to learn the intricacies of more complicated card games, such as poker. The proliferation of online gaming, has also lead to an increase in the number of people who might not have made a trip to a bricks and mortar casino, but are happy to dabble, from the comfort of their homes.

Online, as it is in real life, the game cannot begin until players have placed their bets. Similarly, whether you are playing with real money, or just for fun with 'virtual cash', you have to place your bet first. In online games, you place your bets by clicking on the picture of chips on your virtual table. In some casinos, you just need to click on the playing area in the table, and a numeric value of your stake will appear in the betting square. These two methods are true for most online casinos, but you will need to really familiarise yourself with your chosen casinos specific method, rules, and limitations. Many casinos will have introductory videos showing how bets can be placed. Failing that, their FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) or Help sections will provide the answer.

If you have a both a 'real money' and a 'fun account' with the same casino, make sure you are in the right one, before you place your bets. If you walk into a bricks and mortar casino, you have to start playing with real money the moment you sit at the table. In an online casino though, there is usually no limit on the number of practice games you can play. Additionally, many casinos will allow you up to a quarter of hour of inactivity when you are playing single player games before you are disconnected.

There is therefore no rush into staking real money, until you are comfortable with placing bets with just the right amount of chips. You might also want to practice removing chips and reducing your bet before dealing begins. Additionally, you will often have the option to 'Clear' the bet and start again, before the hands have been dealt. This is quite important, since at some point you will inadvertently place more chips (a bigger bet) than you will have intended to. Generally, it is not advisable to start betting real money with any online casino, till you intimately know, and can mechanically navigate your way around the playing table.

Bonus bets are also offered as an option by many online casinos. This is similar to insurance, as this is a bet that you will get 21 on your next hand. Bonus bets are separate from the main bet you would have placed on the hand. Usually, this bet is placed on a circle normally lying at the centre of the table. While regular blackjack bets for example pay out at a rate of three-to-two, the pay-out rates on bonus bets will vary from one casino to the next. Try not to go overboard with bonus bets though, since the chances of getting a natural blackjack are somewhat lower than 5% in a normal game.

Placing bets on online blackjack games is easy. However, it is also easy to get things wrong when you are not familiar with a particular casino's online interface. Use the availability of practise games to really familiarise yourself with this interface, and you will be spared expensive mistakes down the line, when you have started playing with real money. does not promote illegal, underage gambling or gambling to those who live in a jurisdiction where gambling is considered unlawful.
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