Varieties of blackjack games available online

In any game of blackjack, the object of each player at the table, is to beat the dealer. There is no competition between the players at all. However, the fact that all the players are playing, not against each other, but against the dealer, does not mean that playing blackjack is boring. A lot of fun can and is shared by all the players at the table. In effect, all the players are battling against one common foe - the dealer.

In online game, internet chatting, video, and other interactive devices allow players at a virtual table to build camaraderie, share the same experience, and in cases, commiserate during live games. Most online casinos that have blackjack tables, will have up to seven players engaged in a single game, when these are played at multiplayer tables. Playing on the internet means that all the players in a game can quite literally, be from all corners of the globe.

If you prefer to keep things closed, many of these casinos also allow you to set up private tables and groups. The person setting up such a group, can thus control who gets to play there. While playing at a single table against the dealer has its appeals, it is often nice when there are other people there to notice, when you draw a straight blackjack or other winning hand. The only downside to multiplayer games, is that the more people you have at the table, the slower you can play your hand. This is because blackjack, like any other card game, is turn based.

If you are keen on playing as many hands as possible, in as short a time span as possible, most online casinos do allow you to play more than one hand simultaneously. This is commonly referred to as multi-hand mode on most sites and software. You will typically be allowed to play up to five hands concurrently. In online multi-hand games, each hand will be dealt from a separate deck, making card counting more difficult, since you will need to keep track of the 'states' of up to five different decks.

Multi hand games are particularly appealing to player who want to improve their playing speed, and sharpen their decision making skills. Jumping into multi-hand games is probably not advisable, but many experienced players do use them to challenge themselves, as their playing skill improves over time.

Clearly, whatever your playing skills or preference, you should find it easy to find a type of game and style of play that suits you. If an online casino you have opened up an account with does not offer the type of game you want, it really is worth your effort to shop around, and compare the offerings from other establishments. does not promote illegal, underage gambling or gambling to those who live in a jurisdiction where gambling is considered unlawful.
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